Kirill So

Head of Product
Ringl Technologies
singapore conference

I'm a former go-to-market executive, currently operating on the intersection of growth and product. In my free time I tinker with rapid MVPs, design, writing, researching, investments and experimenting with new things.

A few milestones from my life:

  • 2010 - Landed my first job in private equity fund and helped raise over $200m in debt financing for renewable energy projects in CEE (solar & wind).

  • 2011 - Started my first startup in that copied an ecommerce business model from US. After incorporation, printing flyers and business cards we still had 0 customers and learned a lot how not to start a company.

  • 2012 - Moved to Berlin during the boom of start-up copycat models and joined a growing venture studio that is now spanning fintech, adtech and healthech portfolio.

  • 2014 - Created my own mobile user acquisition agency and reached $30k in revenue the first month. It was the first digital nomad experience whilst living and travelling in Thailand.

  • 2015 - Joined a seed stage startup in Berlin and went from 0 revenue to one of the industry leaders in mobile advertising. We grew from 10 people to 160 employees and I was lucky to firsthand experience 0 to 1 startup scale-up including market launch in 7 different countries.

  • 2016 - a group of friends started mining something called ethereum and thanks to a good advice I bought some more to reinvest into ICO craze of 2017. I spent the next year learning about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and launched my first newsletter which aggregated around 300 people in the first few months.

  • 2018 - Moved to Singapore to work with the the largest marketplace in SEA on a platform utilising blockchain and external data to find bad actors and prevent malicious behavior before it happens.

  • 2020 - Got accepted into an early-stage start-up programme and worked on a machine learning platform. In the end we decided not to pursue the venture funded route, more on this in the future blog post.

  • NOW - I am exploring investments into profitable SaaS companies, building rapid MVPs and developing a digital garden / second brain via personal knowledge management tools like Obsidian.

My passion is never-ending search for knowledge, learning and leading an examined life.

This websites serves as my playground for for experimenting with ideas, products, thoughts and figuring out how the world works.

My DMs are always opened, alternatively you can book a call with me or subscibe to my essays.

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